How to download the game Aviator on Android

Aviator is a sensational crash money game developed by Spribe. The essence of the application is to stop the plane in time and siphon off the jackpot. The game very quickly began to gain popularity among gamblers. Therefore, the developers have made it available on all platforms, including android.

On which versions of the android you can download Aviator

Initially, Aviator was only available on the computer. But the game quickly gained popularity. And the developers made different versions for the application. Aviator became available not only on PC, but also on android, iOS. You can download the game from the official website. Installation will take no more than 10 seconds.

The mobile version of Aviator does not differ from the computer version. It is also possible to place bets, deposit and withdraw money. You can play not only the full version of the game, but also the demo version. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the Aviator and its algorithms, to develop your own winning strategy or try a ready one.

How to download the game Aviator on Android

After downloading the application you can bet from anywhere and at any convenient time. Aviator works on both the phone and tablet regardless of the power, model and year of manufacture of the device. Functions remain the same as in the PC version. The mobile version has a pleasing to the eye interface, accessible navigation. Most importantly, you can play from anywhere and anytime.

How to download aviator to play games on your phone

To download Aviator on android you need:

  • Choose an online casino where the game is available;
  • Download and install the mobile version of the online casino;
  • Find Aviator and play. In addition to it, other entertainment will be available inside the application.

If you only want to install Aviator, then use these two methods.

Online Casino

Go to the online casino site where the game is presented and find it in the list. Then:

  • Click on Aviator;
  • Find the download button on android;
  • Click it;
  • Wait for the apk file to download;
  • Install the game.
How to download aviator to play games on your phone


Sometimes on the site of online casinos can not find the file you need to download. Then use your browser's search bar (Google Chrome is recommended):

  • Type in "download aviator apk file";
  • The search engine will give you a link;
  • Click it and start downloading;
  • Install the game.

This download option is simple and easy. That's why it's better to use it.

Where the chances of winning are greater in the APK app or the mobile version

The APK app and the mobile app are the same. So each player decides for himself where to play. This does not affect the victory. The main thing is attention and observation of the game. And what you play through does not matter.

However, remember that a slow Internet connection can affect the victory, as well as a very small screen. So consider these factors if you decide to play from your phone. Whether it is an APK application or a mobile version is absolutely unimportant. On the winning it will not affect. Follow the game recommendations, do not get carried away, and luck will be on your side.

Advantages and disadvantages of APK Aviator

You can play anywhere and at anytimeIf you download the APK file not from official sites, there is a risk to run into scammers
Available on any device, regardless of model, power, or yearWithout a good Internet connection it is impossible to play
Nice interface
Clear navigation, even a beginner can figure it out
Different download options
The opportunity to play for free in the demo version

APK Aviator, like any app, has its pros and cons.

APK Aviator has a lot more pros than cons. However, remember that you should download the game only on official sites. This will protect you from cheaters and save your money. It is also not recommended to play with slow internet. Otherwise, the APK Aviator is not inferior to the computer version. And for a more enjoyable game, use the promo code Aviatorgamein. It will give you 500% on your first deposit.

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