Winning strategies and tactics in Aviator

Aviator is a gambling game for money. Among gamblers it is known as "Airplane". The essence of the game is to stop the flight of the aircraft in time. Otherwise, the amount bet will be burned. A peculiarity of the application is that it is based on a random number generator. No one can affect the course of the game. Any win, as well as a loss, is random. Therefore, experienced gamblers come up with strategies to earn more money and reduce the percentage of failures.

What you need to do to win an Aviator

Before you win in Aviator, it is recommended to download the demo version of the application. It does not differ from the full version. However, it is impossible to withdraw your winnings. Demo version familiarizes with the game, its mechanisms. In it you can test different strategies or develop your own. The most important thing is that it is free.

strategies and tactics in Aviator

After getting to know Aviator, the mechanisms of the game and choosing a strategy, you can move on to the full version of the game. But do not bet too much money. Win Aviator impossible. But to increase their earnings is quite real. Winning guarantee two gaming tools - the ability to make two bets and auto withdrawal. The put amount is tied to the odds. When the plane reaches the desired point, the winnings are automatically transferred to the player's account.

To multiply your earnings at Aviator:

  • Choose or create your own strategy;
  • Set a goal of how much you want to earn;
  • Treat the game as entertainment.

Remember that winning at Aviator is random. It is a game of chance, not a source of stable income.

How to choose a strategy

There are many winning strategies for Aviator. But only a few of them work. So you need to download a demo version of the game and try different tactics. After the working strategies have been found, choose your own. Focus on the complexity of the tactic, your gaming experience. Beginners are not recommended to take confusing strategies, to make double bets. More experienced players, on the contrary, it is better to risk, but not large sums. The main thing to watch the game, the results of other gamers and do not get carried away. Properly used tactics will give an opportunity to multiply the amount bet.

Whichever strategy is chosen, remember that it does not guarantee winning. Aviator is a game of chance. It is based on a random number generator. Therefore it is impossible to predict with 100% accuracy the winning odds. Do not forget about it when choosing a strategy and do not have illusions about earnings.

2 simultaneous bets - risk or increase

Aviator allows gamblers to make 2 bets simultaneously. But it is better for beginners not to use this opportunity. There is a risk of quickly losing all the money bet. But experienced players are recommended to make 2 bets and try double strategies. Even if one amount is burned, the second - the winning - will cover the loss. But do not forget that the double bet - it is a risk and an opportunity to increase earnings at the same time.

If losing doesn't scare you, these tactics will help increase your winnings by several times.

The essence of the strategy
"double profits"
  • Wait for a series of odds to start.
  • Place two bets simultaneously for the same amount, but at different odds.
  • For the first bet set the multiplier x2, and for the second - x4-x5.
  • Even if the second amount is burned, the first will cover the loss.
"3 by 1"
  • Wait for the start of the series with high odds.
  • Make two bets. One of them must be several times larger than the other. That bet, which is larger, is tied to the odds. Use the automatic mode for this.
  • The second bet, which is smaller, we put on high odds without auto mode.
  • Automatic bet in case of loss will cover the lost amount.

These are the most popular and effective double betting strategies. It's everyone's choice whether to take a risk or not.

2 simultaneous bets - risk or increase

Small betting strategy

Small betting strategy involves playing at small odds in auto mode. To use this tactic:

  • Wait until the start of the round and the odds are less than 1.09.
  • Place 3 or 4 bets. If 3 bets have been placed between the appearance of x1.09 and 4 are less than 1.09, then wait for one more. If the bet is higher than 1.11, you can play.
  • If there is no odds less than 1.09 and 4 bets higher than 1.11, then make an auto bet on 1.10.
  • Further it is possible to bet on this scheme some more times, but no more than 3.

The strategy is very popular among gamblers. So sometimes it fails. Use it in moderation, with breaks. And then it will give a winnings.

Mathematical Strategy

The mathematical strategy is considered to be the most profitable of all known tactics for Aviator. It consists of the following steps:

  • Go to the game history for 24 hours.
  • Find a multiplier of x100 or higher.
  • Time from these multipliers by an hour.
  • Make two bets.
  • Close the first bet at x35-x40 multipliers and the second at x100.

The first amount holds the balance and the second helps you win. Gamblers who use this strategy stick to an interval of 1-1.5 hours. It is not recommended more often than this time to use mathematical tactics. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing.

Advice in Aviator

Aviator is a gambling game with random winnings. Therefore, experienced gamblers have made recommendations for beginners. These tips will help to squeeze the maximum out of the game and stay with the winnings:

  • Do not sit long at the monitor. The optimal time - an hour. If you sit longer than that, your attention will start to dissipate and your brain will work worse.
  • Use the demo version before playing for real money. It will help to reveal working strategies, to understand the algorithm of the game.
  • Set yourself a goal. When you win the desired amount, pause.
  • Everything depends on luck. So do not get upset when you lose. Remember that Aviator is based on a random number generator. Winning as well as losing is random.
  • Do not bet too much money. Aviator - a way to enjoy and have fun, not a source of stable income.

Adhere to these recommendations, and the game will be easier. Do not forget that gambling is entertainment. Any winning strategies do not give a 100% guarantee of earning. It all depends on luck. And for a successful start, use the promo code Aviatorgamein. He will give 500% on your first deposit.

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