Aviator is a gambling game for money. Among gamblers it is known as "Airplane". The essence of the game is to stop the flight of the aircraft in time. Otherwise, the amount bet will be burned. A peculiarity of the application is that it is based on a random number generator. No one can affect the course of the game. Any win, as well as a loss, is random. Therefore, experienced gamblers come up with strategies to earn more money and reduce the percentage of failures.

strategies and tactics in Aviator

What you need to do to win an Aviator

Before you win in Aviator, it is recommended to download the demo version of the application. It does not differ from the full version. However, it is impossible to withdraw your winnings. Demo version familiarizes with the game, its mechanisms. In it you can test different strategies or develop your own. The most important thing is that it is free.